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You are importer, wholesaler or buyer and searching for organic deep frozen products?
Welcome to the world of Ökofrost and our brands Biopolar and BioCool!
We are a german wholesaler with expertise since 1996, specialized in deep frozen organic food and located in Berlin.

We offer:

  • Consultancy and support for your frozen range: our experience for your success!
  • A wide range: pizza, ready meals, convenience, fish and shrimps, meat, icecream, fruits and vegetables, et cetera
  • Two own brands, developed and designed according to our broad experience in the deep frozen market since 1996
  • Biopolar: since 2005, our premium brand of international cuisine products from artisanal food producers
  • BioCool: since 2015, our brand of every day basic products in modern, stylish packages
  • More than just trading:
    • we seek for more than just doing business with you, we seek for sustainable partnerships
    • we care about our environment and climate change
    • we want happy employees and provide good working conditions
    • social standards matter to us, we chose our producers according to them
    • therefore, we are part of the “economy for the common good“ movement
    • we want organic to become the standard, not the exception; therefore, we are member of various political organizations of the organic movement

 Biopolar - our premium brand of international cuisine - packages with pizza and pasta

What is special about Biopolar?

  • Cooperations with producers who work handcrafted
  • High quality management and values: only products to which we are 100% committed get to bear the name “Biopolar”
  • Premium quality: traditional recipes for authentic culinary joy
  • Trend products: for example, over 700.000 pizzas sold in 2018 – annual increase of 20%
  • Organic products with surplus value: clear design, full product transparency – we name and show our manufacturers on each package

Package Fish fingersPackage of our Lagonda Spinaci

  • Wide range of products from various product groups: from salmon fillets to ready meals
  • Continuous product development: we pick up on trends!
  • For further details and information, visit the Biopolar Website

BioCool - brand of every day basic products - packages with cherries and ice cream

BioCool – basic assortment with attractive pricing and packaging

  • Basic assortment: the classics for daily use, constant expansion of the assortment, reliable organic qualities with raw materials from Europe
  • Attractive pricing, good value for money
  • “Best of” range: Organic vegetables and fruits, ready meals and organic ice cream are among the most important product groups with particularly good sales growth
  • Practical, easy-to-handle packaging for retailers and consumers: clear, modern design with clear visual imagery; easy to stack in any deep-freeze unit.
  • For further details and information, visit the BioCool Website

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